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I created White Design Concept when I saw the need was not being met for foreign buyers and investors who wanted to purchase and remodel in Barcelona.


I am hugely passionate about property restoration and design,having renovated various apartments in London, a riad in Marrakech and now numerous flats in Barcelona. I understand the pitfalls and challenges involved in buying, renovating and furnishing an apartment in Barcelona. I understand fully what it’s like to come to another country and negotiate the different challenges, as I have personally experienced them.


I can help with ……


Sourcing the right property in the correct area.

Negotiating the best possible deal. Due to my connections, I can access properties that have not been advertised often.

View properties and advise on the potential pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages.

Personal recommendations for the best lawyers, accountants and notaries.

Complete project management of the renovation with a trusted contractor.


Advise on the best design solutions, reconfiguration of the space, what materials can be repurposed etc.

Extensive local knowledge in sourcing the best products for your budget.

Cost savings on all materials, furnishings etc. due to local knowledge.  


I can manage the whole process from A to Z if that’s what you require or simply a portion of the renovation; equally, I can act as a consultant if you prefer to handle things yourself but would appreciate some advice and guidance from time to time.


Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any queries.


Moyra Gahan


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